Beam Steel Retaining Walls

Marin County Steel I Beam Retaining Wall contractor

Steel I beam retaining walls, also known as soldier pile retaining walls, are a construction method that is used for tall retaining walls holding back large amounts of hillside. In addition, steel I beam walls have the benefit of being extremely durable and lasting decades. These walls are built with steel beams that incorporate wood lagging in between them to form the face of the wall. Creating residential projects that honor the client’s budget and meet engineering requirements is Clough's forte.

Value and Experience

Clough Construction's engineers properly design steel I beam walls that are affordable. Doing business in Marin County for over 26 years has given Scott Clough the experience to design and install tall I beam walls. Clough works with an amazing engineer who cross calculates Scott’s designs to guarantee strength and allows them to pull permits if necessary. This collaboration between contractor and user friendly engineer can save you thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars.

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Call today for an inspection of your existing wall or for an estimate for a new steel I beam wall. Our approach is simple, cost effective, and durable.

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