Thank you for taking the time to read this blog. I am honored.

I am a general contractor who specializes in selling and building wood decks and fences. I have gone through much transformation over 28 years. You might even say I grew up in the construction industry. Being a woman contractor is exciting, challenging, and extremely satisfying. Being able to create outdoor environments for people, to bring Nature into people’s homes is one of my life purposes.

(I have been taught that you know when you are in alignment when you find activities that no time exists, where six hours feels like five minutes. This is where your passion is and it is a place where you have found your life purposes. I have found that place.)

I have not always felt fulfilled in this mission. Like everyone I have had my ups and downs. When the market crashed I realized how tired and burnt out I was. Running seven construction crews, producing, consuming at a feverish rate left me feeling empty and uninspired.

The realignment and joy returned when I got involved with “Honoring The Trees”. Yes I admit it out front and proudly, I am a Tree Lover. I love the Earth, being a mother, all children, animals, incredible locations of beauty all around the world. How to find a place of being a woman and a contractor, a caring compassionate human being and a business person? This has been my inquiry.

Well I found it! I created it! I revitalized myself and then of course Clough Construction followed.

I am selling and installing environmentally harvested wood products, working in collaboration instead of competition, engaging with the young people and others in my industry to share this information and create alliances of growth, goodness, and responsibility. I have learned that buying FSC wood products actually “Saves the Forest.”

I will be presenting my techniques and knowledge with you. I am open to all conversations and suggestions. I share from my heart to the best of my knowledge and value others insights. Thank you so very much for your willingness to consider other ways, “Offering choice, creating change.”

To discover that the construction industry can actually help the planet is an evolution of our industry. I am on a quest to expand the idea that Contractors are The Next Generation of Forest Stewards and you my friend, are invited!