Building Blocks-Learning becomes playing

Fill a Marin County High School shop class with lumber, hardware, “garbage”, tools, kids and what do you get?  Sounds like a reality TV series, but this is MSEL (Marin School of Environmental Leadership) a real group, doing really cool things, making a real difference in learning.

Clough Construction’s direct involvement with MSEL and our relationship with Golden State Lumber created the perfect arrangement to connect the right people with the right materials.  MSEL teens met and listened to their younger counterparts to create, design and build the perfect playhouse!  Creative ideas were bouncing off the walls as these “ideal” structures began to take shape. Clough and Golden State Lumber donated many of the items for this exciting youth collaboration and have enjoyed watching this project come to life-we feel so fortunate to be part of this creative effort!

Learning happens in so many ways. These hands on courses through the MSEL program encourage problem solving, cooperation and ultimately provide students with confidence, new skills and sometimes a new playhouse!  Winning!