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From Forest Exploitation toward Stewardship: The Remarkable Story of the Evolution of California’s Redwood Industry

Saturday, June 11, 10 AM – 12 PM

Volunteer Center, Armstrong Redwoods

Instructor – Jason Grant, Consultant

Jason Grant will share his understanding of early redwood logging history, and progressive developments leading up to today’s modern forest management practices. When Euro-Americans flooded into Northern California during and after the Gold Rush, they marveled at the immensity and grandeur of the region’s virgin redwood forest – and began logging it. Today, around 4% of the original old growth remains and is virtually all protected in parks. Much of the remainder is second-growth forest where logging continues; but in recent decades there has been a remarkable transition across much of the redwood region from forest mining toward relatively enlightened forest management. This presentation uses vivid imagery and piquant detail to trace the arc of this extraordinary evolution, exploring both hopeful developments and continuing tensions between forest activists and timber companies. It will be followed by what is expected to be a rich and spirited discussion.

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