Marin County Deck and Fence Repairs

Fence Repair

Most fence repair clients have rotten fence posts which cause a fence to lean or collapse. To solve this problem, Clough Construction cost effectively sets a new sister post in two feet of concrete and bolts the old post to it. They do that only if the fence panels in between are in decent condition and only the posts are rotted out. They can also take the post out and replace them in the same spot if the client doesn’t want to look at the old post, but this costs a bit more. They also do a lot of simple repairs of broken fence boards.

If fences have reached a certain point of rot then it’s not possible or practical to do repairs. In these cases Clough advises their clients to replace their old fence. The fence may be leaning over due to faulty posts, but Clough wouldn't do a sister post to repair this because the fence panels are also rotted. That’s why they do a proper investigation and evaluation before work and advise their clients on the best course of action from there. They don’t want their clients to spend money and then have to have the whole fence replaced soon afterwards.

Deck Repair

Most of the time when Clough Construction is called out to do a deck repair estimate it’s because deck boards are pushing down when walked on or nails and screws are sticking out. Normally that is happening because the supporting system below is rotting. Sometimes they may advise a client not to do repairs because you can’t get any more life out of the deck. Other times there may be minor damage like a loose railing which we can be fixed quite easily. It’s all about evaluation and honesty. A lot of clients come in for deck repairs and a company will claim to be able to fix it when it’s not possible. You can make repairs here and there, but 80% of the deck may still be in bad shape.

The client has to determine whether they want to do many little repairs to try to get the most life out of an old deck or put down a more lasting investment to replace the whole deck. Replacing the deck most of the time ends up saving the client money. Sometimes Clough will replace just the decking or railing, but while they are doing that they make a point of investigating the joists to make sure that they are strong. If rot is caught at the right time they can take the decking off and treat and flash the joists and then replace the decking. Doing a thorough investigation before work is very important to Clough. They pride themselves on integrity and honesty and this means not hitting a client with a slew of change orders after work starts.

Hire Clough Construction

If you live in the Marin County area and are in need of repair work for your deck or fence, then you should call Marin’s deck and fence authorities, Clough Construction. They’ve been repairing decks and fences in Marin for over 26 years. Let them bring their years of experience to you.

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