Floating Decks

Marin County Floating Deck Contractor

Floating decks, also known as sleeper decks, are structures built on rooftops. These structures are created to allow you to utilize and create more living space and to enjoy gorgeous views. Floating decks are additional living space off of master suites, living rooms, and kitchens. Floating decks are very popular in Belvedere, Tiburon, Sausalito, and Mill Valley due to the incredible views they offer.


A floating deck is built over a rooftop membrane. There are many types of materials that they can be constructed out of.

Floating decks can be made from:

  • Tile
  • StoneDeck
  • Exotic hardwoods
  • Composite decking

Your imagination is the limit. Attachment and flashing to the existing home are the points of possible water intrusion. Understanding and tracking leaks over the last 26 years on original architecture has allowed Scott and Marc Clough to understand repairs and replacement on this type of application.


Proper design is the key to a water tight deck. Scott and his engineer know how to design and install a deck that will create a beautiful look that does not leak into the home below. Clough Construction has been working with a product called Bison deck support pedestal base that has a heavy duty recycled LEED approved plastic cylinder that holds the framing. The decking is then attached to this structure.

Solid Foundation

The beauty of this product is that the framing does not have to penetrate the roof. This creates a solid foundation without the liability. Clough recommends that you check out a few of their decks to fully appreciate the expertise that they would love to share with you. Scott and his brother Marc are experts at this type of application. Experience is golden especially when water is involved.

Bison Deck Supports

Bison Deck Supports hold and elevate numerous decking surface materials.

Bison Supports work with

  • Bison Wood Tiles
  • Concrete pavers
  • Stone tiles
  • Decks on joists

Modular Bison systems offer one-of-a-kind flexibility for installation, future maintenance and/or dismantling. Bison products are sustainable – offering LEED credits, recycled content and FSC approval.

Marin County Floating Deck Inspections and Estimates

Clough Construction provides their clients in Marin County with free estimates and inspections on floating decks. Contact them at your soonest convenience if you are interested in getting an amazing floating deck for your home.

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