Redwood Arbors

Marin County Redwood Arbor Contractor

Redwood is a wonderful building material for arbors in Marin County. Redwood has the ability to blend naturally with the Marin landscape creating continuity in your outdoor spaces. Redwood arbors are the perfect complement to homes in scenic Marin.

Clough can build:

  • Pergolas
  • Trellis
  • Front Entry Arbors


Redwood is known for its durability and is ideal for California outdoor living.

Redwood has the following natural characteristics:

  • Beautiful
  • Rot resistant
  • Bug Resistant
  • Blends with Marin landscapes

Committed to Sustainability

Clough Construction is committed to being stewards of the land through the mindful use of the products they purchase. Along with FSC and HRC, Clough is creating opportunities for all of their clients to enjoy exquisite redwood products while respecting California’s great redwood forests and their local communities. Giving their customers in Marin County choices is important to Clough.

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