Wood Retaining Walls

Marin County Wood Retaining Wall contractor

Marin County’s hillside environments provide many opportunities for creating extra space by adding retaining walls. Wood retaining walls offer an attractive finish that easily fits into home and garden environments.


Retaining walls are built into areas to prevent erosion and to hold hillsides. Wood retaining walls add an organic feel and can be landscaped to and around so they meld into the design.

Create More Living Space

Many clients hire Clough Construction to create additional living space by building new retaining walls. This can be done on an existing hill where Clough builds a wall, then back fills the space with rock and dirt. You can create additional space for your yard, garden, or parking structures on driveways. It can be tricky to find flat spaces on hillside properties. Wood retaining walls allow Clough to terrace the area creating much more level, user friendly spaces for families to play, grow, and expand.


Scott’s immense knowledge of Marin’s weather patterns allows him to design retaining walls that have structural integrity to deal with hillside environment. If the hillside is extreme Clough has an amazing engineer who is reasonable and easy to work with. Clough Construction will manage this process for you.

Hire Clough Construction

A free estimate will open your mind to many ideas you may never have thought of. The Clough's first home was on an extreme upslope hillside. Scott and Deanne were able to implement a backyard with a huge deck, gardens, stone patios and landscaping by adding wood retaining walls. Their personal experience in this department is immense. Call today for an estimate to see how you can utilize your hillside yard in new ways.

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