Marin County Deck Railing Contractor

Clough Construction designs all of their deck railings in Marin County for safety. Safety is the biggest concern when it comes to railings.Railings have gone through a big evolution over the years. In the 70s they had to be 42 inches tall, with an 8 inch space allowed between the pickets and from the bottom of the deck. This spacing could allow small children to slip through so 6 inches then became the rule for spacing. From there it has become larger and smaller and then larger again. Clough designs all of their deck railings with safety in mind. Clough builds their railings considering what the needs of their client will be and then helps them pick a railing solution that is the best and the safest.

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Clough has been building decks with safe railings in Marin for over 26 years. They bring their extensive knowledge and experience to every project that they start. Let them help you pick a cost effective decking solution with safe railings for you and your family.

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