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“I highly recommend Clough Construction for any fence building and repair. Gates too! I’ve hired them many times and have always been very happy with the results. They recently built an extension of a fence that made it so the existing fence extended to the wall of the house. The gate they designed as part of it is not only pretty but very functional. One latch to reach over and open it, but (such creative thinking!) another on the opposite side to latch the gate open. If you are carrying in groceries and kids and pets and whatever else you may have loaded up your car with, having a securely latched open gate is perfect! You can make multiple trips without having to open the gate each time. The work crew also fixed a different preexisting gate and fence, strengthening it structurally so if anyone slams the gate it won’t loosen the boards and therefore make the fence fall apart. Adding support boards in several places made it even more secure. Now it closes nicely, you don’t have to pull hard or slam it sit to get it to open/close. We are very happy with the work done and the Clough Construction family/company. Oh, and equally important, the people with whom you talk on the phone and Scott, the owner, are very kind and knowledgeable. It’s a pleasure to work with them. This is an update, so I guess traditional white stars on a red background aren’t available. We hired Clough Construction again to build a new fence on the back of our property. Scott had a great idea – let more greenery in (to look at). So he had his workmen, Rafael and Salvador, build the support posts and beams, then use wire to create a beautiful fence that is “”see through””. Lots of greenery, which I find very calming, particularly during this extended shelter in place time. They also fixed the fence between my property and my neighbors’ house. I said I wasn’t ready to re-do the whole thing. No problem (or attempts to upgrade my request). The crew did a fabulous, very professional job. They also were respectful of Covid-19 protocol (masks, gloves, social distancing) and very friendly and considerate. Cleaned up their scraps of wood and took all their tools. Rechecked our irrigation system to be sure installation of back fence didn’t disturb anything. I didn’t even ask them to do that! What a fantastic company. I have such confidence in Clough Construction, I’ve already informed them that when we are ready to add on a deck, we will hire their company again. Customer for life here!

Jan L. | May 11, 2020

I first heard of Clough Construction because my neighbor used them for a fence. The fence was solid, good-looking and went up quickly. A couple of years later, I googled Fence Builders in Marin and they came up again. I called, got courteous service by Deanne and Anne Marie. Scott came out and gave me a bid within a day or two. I got three other bids, which were much lower. The first guy disappeared after the bid and I have no idea what happened there; he was way too cheap though. The second and third guys, nearly the same thing…hello? Every time I called the Clough office, I got a response. Because I have a big dog, I needed a good fence and I needed it soon. That was another thing, though busy, Clough could fit me in their schedule soon. So, I sucked it up and paid the money but I got EXCELLENCE. Rafael and the team are the award-winning performers who showed up on time everyday, got the job done quickly, professionally and perfectly. My fence is stunning…solid, strong, attractive and will last for decades. I don’t regret it for a minute, because you do get what you pay for and any deck or fence, better be done right. I consider every dollar I paid to Clough, an excellent investment in my home.

Sandra L. | December 7, 2019

“Our house has 1000 sq ft of decking over three levels and we have lived here for over 15 years. I have used Clough Construction in the past for smaller maintenance projects, to replace beams and gates, and they have always been excellent. So when it came time to do an expansive project to replace all of the old railings with modern Feeney cable railings, as well as rebuild two sets of stairs between our upper, middle and lower decks. It was an easy decision to call Clough Construction for the project. I did not even get any other bids, as I already had confidence in their work quality! The Clough Construction team are very easy to work with and put clients first at every step of the way. Deanne follows up on a regular basis to make sure you are happy and Scott is flexible to work with as project changes inevitably come up. The team were onsite for 6 weeks as it was a significant amount of work. The job site was always kept clean, Quinn and Lull’s work ethic was exception and their attention to detail was second to none. They really are master carpenters. We have had many compliments on the finished work and could not be happier with it. Whenever I need any decking or fencing work, I always call Clough! “

Daniel O. | November 6, 2019

UPDATED REVIEW: I wish I could give this company more than 5 stars. They worked with us to replace our deck more than 20 years ago, and did such a fine job that we went right to them recently when we needed fence work. What comes to mind immediately when I hear “Clough Construction ” is the word ‘integrity.’ They truly take an interest in the individual customer’s needs and goals, and each job they do is unique. I have no hesitation recommending them to both friends and family members. They have a terrific reputation in the community.

Christine S. | October 16, 2019

I have worked with both Deanne and Scott Clough for almost 10 years. They are good solid people, honest, hard working and highly skilled. Scott is a MASTER at his craft and designs and builds some of the most artful outdoor experiences in the world. Deanne is a steward of the planet, always learning about and educating others on how we can use more sustainable materials. She is an exemplar in the Marin business community and always gives back to the children and schools in Marin. Businesses like Clough Construction are truly an essential part of what makes Marin so special. I cannot recommend them enough.

Floyd M. | October 9, 2019

We’ve used Clough Construction twice now. Both times they were great. Our first project involved repairing our front porch. Afterward a neighbor told me that he “couldn’t see what had been fixed” … which basically said that it was perfect. They just finished our second project … replacing a set of deck stairs and gate. Quinn and Lowell (I hope I got their names right) did a great job … exactly what I was looking for. Scott and Deanne are super responsive and very easy to work with. The team showed up on time every time. They were clear on their paperwork so that everyone was in sync.

L. D.| May 16, 2019

Clough Construction was totally professional and treated our job with integrity. They built a 1200 sq ft redwood deck and balcony for us. This was a big job and needed multiple county inspections. They passed every one with zero problems. The deck is totally solid and beautiful too. Their owners and office staff are amazing as well. Their crews were complete gentlemen toward me. They were always in a good mood and really seem to enjoy their work. We can’t believe how fabulous it turned out. They were happy to come back later for very minor adjustments after it was done. They made a huge job actually fun. I missed the guys and office staff when it was all over!

Jill D.| May 16, 2019

Quinn and Lol are known to our neighborhood now as the Wood Whisperers. They are incredible artisans, at the height of their craft, who produce the most beautiful work regardless of the awkwardness of the problems they face. Incredibly nice people with the best work ethic I’ve had the pleasure to experience. Would rehire them in a heartbeat and would wait a year for them to be free, if they were booked up, rather than use an inferior company. They are that good, and that worth it. Wonderful family run company with honest, hard working people captained by the lovely Deanne and Scott, who made the whole experience of installing complicated decking in Tiburon a lot less painful than it could easily have been.

Caroline S.| April 23, 2019

PREVIOUS REVIEW: Quinn and Lol are known to our neighborhood now as the Wood Whisperers. They are incredible artisans, at the height of their craft, who produce the most beautiful work regardless of the awkwardness of the problems they face. Incredibly nice people with the best work ethic I’ve had the pleasure to experience. Would rehire them in a heartbeat and would wait a year for them to be free, if they were booked up, rather than use an inferior company. They are that good, and that worth it. Wonderful family run company with honest, hard working people captained by the lovely Deanne and Scott, who made the whole experience of installing complicated decking in Tiburon a lot less painful than it could easily have been.

Caroline S.| April 23, 2019

We recently had our deck rebuilt and a new fence built. Clough did an excellent job. They were communicative, did great high quality work, and were easy to work with. We highly recommend them.

Ilyce V.| April 18, 2019

Finding the right contractor for your construction project can be an exhaustive, frustrating task. Over my 37yrs as a licensed electrical contractor I’ve witnessed many of these struggles. I’ve found Clough Construction to be a top flight contractor. Everyone I’ve dealt with has been a consummate professional. I highly recommend their services.

Tom K.| April 18, 2019

Clough is our go to contractor whenever we need outdoor construction projects.  They’ve handled 3 projects for us and always deliver quality work, on time and on budget.  Reliable, honest and hardworking.  Wouldn’t use anyone else.  Highly recommend 

Agnes W.| April 15, 2019

All businesses should be run like Clough Construction.  From my first phone call they were prompt in responding, knowledgeable, did exactly what they said they would do, and the bill came in exactly where they said it would.  I was tired of messing around with companies that couldn’t deliver, so I called three of the top fence companies in Marin, including Clough.  With their reputation for excellence, I expected them to be more expensive than the others, but they were less expensive.  I hired them to build the ~350 foot deer fence with a custom gate and a trash enclosure.  They came when scheduled, there was zero drama, Scott was professional, Deanne was always available to answer any questions, and the job foreman knew his business and was a pleasure to work with, as were the whole crew.  One of the best home improvement or maintenance experiences I’ve ever had.  Now I have a beautiful new space to garden!

Wendy S.| May 31, 2018

We cannot say enough about Deanne and Scott’s professional and thoughtful advise and construction of two major projects at our house.   First was the slate tile decking in the back yard and just recently they completed the remodeling of our front entry with the slate tile (suspended) decking and cable fencing.   It completely updated our entry.   The workers were top-notch.   Reliable, courteous, and skilled at their work.

Jan J.| May 29, 2018

We cannot say enough about Deanne and Scott’s professional and thoughtful advise and construction of two major projects at our house.   First was the slate tile decking in the back yard and just recently they completed the remodeling of our front entry with the slate tile (suspended) decking and cable fencing.   It completely updated our entry.   The workers were top-notch.   Reliable, courteous, and skilled at their work.

Jan J.| May 29, 2018

Clough is outstanding. You definitely get what you pay for. Highly professional, fast, straightforward.

David W.| May 18, 2018

When it came time to redo all our decks (and it was really about time) we looked at a few different companies. Clough Construction actually came in less expensive than another company we had bid. But money wasn’t the only decider. We knew of their quality and were not disappointed. They spent time with us and took us through the process, helping us make decisions if we had questions (which we did). Everything went smoothly, from demo to rebuild. All the guys were so nice and helpful and did everything they could to not inconvenience us. We just felt we were in good hands.The final product is beautiful, and our house, which is on a hill, is now even stronger because of the new foundations and bracing. And if that wasn’t enough to make us feel good, the city inspector remarked not just on the strength and integrity, but on the quality of work and attention to detail. We feel like we added a beautiful new room to our house that we now enjoy every day.

Greg F. | September 17, 2019

We have had excellent experiences with family-run Clough Construction on a few projects at our house. They are true craftsman who care about quality, doing right by their customers, and producing beautiful redwood projects. They treated our property with respect, always leaving the job site clean and tidy. Communication was excellent; we were always aware of job specifics and on site working hours. They were easy to contact and quick to respond whenever questions arose. Billing was upfront and we were never charged anything that wasn’t expected. We are very pleased with all of their beautiful work and how it has enhanced the beauty of our home.

Kim D. | September 18, 2019

Clough Construction is both a highly professional company and one that produces quality work in a timely manner. Their staff and construction team are well trained and take pride in a “job well done” – finished on time with close attention to all details. I highly recommend them.

Margaret D. | September 18, 2019

Marc and his crew at Clough Construction did a fantastic job rebuilding my patio overhang, and it is better looking and stronger than it ever was. Clough was true to their estimate and exceeded my expectations in every way. I will definitely be using them for future projects and would not hesitate in recommending them to friends.

John B., Corte Madera | October 8, 2019

Ultra professional….super client friendly….high quality workmanship….attention to every detail….always on schedule…..that describes our repeat experiences with Clough Construction. Scott and Deanne and their conscientious crew made even our toughest project easy on us, the homeowner. Thank you Scott and Deanne….PLEASE don’t ever retire!!!!!!!

Janey – Mill Valley

Dear Deanne,

Everything has been resolved. You guys ROCK! Thank you so much for being so professional across all levels. Rick and team were great to work with too and very good at what they do.


Dear Deanne,

My husband and I are back from our trip and were so happy to see the great
job Scott and his team did on our fence. Our neighbor is also thrilled
with the work and the finished product…

This fence had been a long time in the process, as you know, thanks to our
home insurance bureaucracy and rigidity. I really appreciate your and
Scott’s willingness to hang in there with me as I “unknotted” the insurance

Many thanks again to every member of the construction crew… They did an
excellent job all around.

Best wishes,

We got home late last night and the first thing we did was walk out onto our beautiful new deck. We couldn’t see much but we could we tell it was simply fabulous. It’s not an ugly catwalk anymore! I am surprised how spacious it feels. Just now, there is just a little bit of dawn light and I walked out and had my cup of coffee leaning over the railing and watched the misty fog roll over the redwoods. I just can’t thank you and your crew enough for the fine and professional work you did. I am sorry I didn’t have the chance to tell them in person but I know you will for me. It was a comfort to us to know that while we were dealing with our family issues thousands of miles away — you and your team were taking good care of us.

Lisa  – Mill Valley

Clough provided the best price and timeframe for our fence project, requiring 150 ft of fence line and four gates. The Clough team of Fausto and Benjamin were excellent and nice to work with. We strongly recommend Clough and are extremely happy with our new fence.

We recently undertook a new deck, staircase and French door installation project, and had three bids. Clough came in the highest, but not by much. They also had great recommendations from our friends, and we appreciated their strong support of the community and our local schools. We also knew we wanted a contractor who could be flexible, and sensitive to our changing design plans. Our first impression of the company was speaking on the phone with Deanne, Scott Clough’s wife and business manager. She was very sincere and highly professional. She was very accommodating and customer focused on our needs. We looked at samples of building materials at their showroom, and felt very sure they were the contractors for us. Scott met us at our house and offered some creative design alterations and ideas. The crew worked so diligently with our architect, structural engineer and followed the design plans perfectly. Even the city inspector commented on the high quality and adherence to strict building codes their work is. Their crew were punctual, polite and very professional. Our deck is so solid, I joke you not you could park a tank on it. The French doors were hung so securely and framed beautifully. When we had some issues with a few of the redwood pieces, the foreman and team easily replaced them without any hassle or extra cost. Thank you Scott and Deanne. We will highly recommend you to anyone who has a building deck, fence or other project in mind.

Even before we chose them to replace our 800 sq-ft deck, they were providing great advice on how to navigate through the process of gaining a City permit. The job was completed on time and with such attention to detail. The owner’s, Scott and Deanne, followed up, after the work was finished, to make sure that we were happy with the outcome. We would recommend them without ANY hesitation…

Glenn – Sausalito

Clough demo-ed and built a new 8×70′ deck w stairs, railing, pergola for me Nov ’12. I interviewed and rec’d bids from a half a dozen contractors and chose Clough. Top quality service, communication, workmanship, and complete professionalism. I have had numerous projects done on my house over the years and Clough has set a new standard of excellence. They went above and beyond my expectations and I plan on using them again for a couple of new fences along my property as well. The pricing was fair and worth every cent. I highly recommend Clough Construction!

Kevin S. – Greenbrae


Clough provided the best price and timeframe for our fence project, requiring 150 ft of fence line and four gates. The Clough team of Fausto and Benjamin were excellent and nice to work with. We strongly recommend Clough and are extremely happy with our new fence.

Milton – Tiburon

Clough Construction is one of the most professional companies we’ve had the opportunity to work with. They built a fence for us here in Novato that has been praised by just about everyone who sees it – neighbors and contractors alike. Not only do they do beautiful work, but the experience of dealing with the owners and their crews couldn’t be better. They aren’t the cheapest shop in the area but you get what you pay for and then some with Clough.

Kimmi – Novato

These guys have done a great job…I have used them twice now…retaining wall and fence. I have had cheaper bids from other places…but the little extra more you pay is worth it in workmanship and most importantly communication. They have my recommendation.

Chris – Novato

The best! After searching for many months and getting numerous bids we decided to go with Clough. I was so impressed with every part of this process: Scott and Deanne were so professional and helped ease me through this, ( as a first time homeowner my funds were a little tight and they worked with me to see how we could make this all work) and the guys who showed up everyday were fast, friendly and such amazing workers. The fence has totally transformed our backyard. I would recommend them to anyone!

Karen – San Rafael

Clough Construction is the best outdoor construction partner you can ask for! Scott and Deanne have done numerous projects for us, including adding a deck to the length of our house, and redwood fencing throughout our property. I have also called them for small projects (gate repair) and they are as attentive to these projects as they are to larger ones. Every member of their team is professional and courteous. It’s nice to have a local business and people you can count on. I will always offer a positive reference for Clough Construction, and wish them decades of continued growth.

Mark – San Rafael

Clough Construction replaced our second story deck with a larger one. Clough was one of several construction companies that I considered for our project. After spending a great deal of time talking to the various companies and getting estimates, it was an easy decision to hire Clough for the job. Now that the job has been completed, I am even happier that we chose them.

During the vendor selection process, I quickly came to know that Scott and Deanne Clough are extremely friendly and easy going, while at the same time exhibiting complete professionalism. They made arrangements and escorted us to visit and see firsthand some of the decks that they have built for other customers; we were also able to visit their showroom to see and examine many of the decking material choices. I had many, many questions about the deck engineering, materials, and construction process; Scott and Deanne cheerfully and knowledgeably answered all of my questions. Their communication skills are excellent, and they responded very quickly whenever I left voice or email messages.

Once we made the decision to hire Clough, the job was scheduled for two to three weeks later. The Clough team kept us informed about their schedule, and they showed up exactly on time. During the deck construction process, Rick and Forrest, the principle crewmembers that worked on our deck, exhibited the same level of professionalism as Scott and Deanne, and they were also very friendly. The crew members always showed up on time, they were nice to and appropriate with our very young children, they answered all of my many questions (again, cheerfully), and at the end of each work day before leaving, they thoroughly cleaned up the work area. I watched much of the building process and I can attest to the fact that no corners were cut.

With the job now completed, I can say that the deck is excellent in both structural and finish quality. I highly recommend Clough Construction.

Craig – San Rafael

I stopped by your booth at the Marin Home and Garden Expo on Saturday, June 2. I spoke with a lovely woman, probably Mrs Clough. I took your card to remind myself to send you an email to let you know how much my husband (Rich Carbine) and I are enjoying the deck you replaced for us. It is as beautiful as the day you were here. I look up our house receipts and discovered you replaced our old, termite invested deck with Timbertech in August 2003! I couldn’t believe it was that long ago. We love to sit outside and comment on how there is NO maintenance other than sweeping the leaves off of it. Your installers were here on the hottest day, pouring concrete foundation footings. I could barely get them to accept a pitcher of ice water. My husband is a retired electrical contractor so has always done home maintenance/remodel himself. So it is rare we find satisfaction with someone we hire! We thank Clough Construction every day as we leave.


Clough Construction has done major and minor jobs for us for the past 15 years. What impresses me most about them is their integrity and workmanship. They don’t take shortcuts, and they don’t do sloppy work. Their first job for us was to rebuild our deck; we have been enjoying it without a moment’s trouble. Most recently, they built a fence, and the deer no longer view my garden as a buffet. My daughter was a toddler when they did the deck, and she was fascinated by the work as it progressed. Soon, the guys began showing her things and letting her “help.” All their jobs were finished on time, and every aspect was professionally done. I highly recommend them.


Dear Deanne Clough,

“My fence looks perfect. I have been bragging about the craftsmanship and how artistic the crew was. I appreciated Scott coming over. I could not have had a better experience. I am very happy. The job was done with integrity and quality. It was exactly what I wanted and more. I really appreciate Clough Construction.”



“We wish working with any contractor could be as easy as working with Clough Construction. From the initial meeting through the final clean up Clough is the easiest Construction Company we’ve dealt with. We have remodeled our entire house, and it would have been much less stressful if Clough could have done it all!”

Kelly and James

Dear Scott and Deanne and Clough Const.,

“Thank you for doing such a great job on our fences! They look so great! Your crew was very professional and polite, too.

Thank you for doing those final changes for us. We will definitely refer our friends to you.”


Suzanne & Andy

“You two are fantastic! I appreciate the great work you did and your wonderful attitude.”

Thank you!


Hi Deanne,

“What a joy it’s been working with Deanne and Scott Clough. Their company recently completed a gorgeous deck surrounding our hot tub and a beautiful gate built perfectly to our specifications. A designer friend of mine dropped by to see the completed projects and her breath was taken away.. To quote her…”This is so elegantly beautiful!” I feel the same. Beyond the expert craftsmanship, each project was completed in a timely manner with the utmost in professionalism. Never have we had a crew clean up after themselves so thoroughly at the end of each day. Deanne and Scott exemplify the words conscientious and professional in the depths of their construction knowledge is astounding! If I had questions, They were answered with a simple phone call, if I left a message, my call was returned immediately. I wholeheartedly recommend Clough Construction!”

Napa, CA

“Thank you for building the fence. It is very attractive. Thank you also for building the two gates at the house they both work well now.”


Dear Deanne and Scott,

“As usual, it was a real pleasure to do business with you. Our gate is all repaired and we appreciate the fine work by your repair man.

Over the years, your men have installed a new deck, built stairs and replaced two large patio doors (no more leaks) and all work was of the highest quality.

We tell our friends to call Clough and avoid all the problems in finding a reliable contractor.”

Best wishes,

Fred and Mel

Dear Staff at Clough Construction,

“We wanted to thank you for the excellent work you all did to build a deck on our house. We appreciate Scott and Deanne’s expertise and friendliness, and Melinda’s courtesy and helpfulness and Rick and George’s thoroughness and responsiveness.

We wanted our deck to be perfect, and were very glad to find out you did too. Rick and George listened and responded to our concerns and were always professional and fair in their responses. They always settled issues in our favor and accommodated our requests. We look forward to many years of enjoyment of our new deck, thanks to everyone at Clough Construction. If we ever have future deck or fencing work, we will think first of your company.

Feel free to provide our names for future references.”


Alen and Soo-Hi

Hi Scott

“The deck is lovely, and we have not a single complaint about anything. We are so pleased with it all. Your brother Mark is fabulous, as was the team he had working here. Deanne was right when she told me at the start of the project, that people miss them when they leave!! 🙂 I can’t thank you enough for delivering exactly what your promised.

I hope you will come by soon for a glass of wine to celebrate – Mark says he will, and perhaps you and Deanne can join us as well.

Can we PLEASE soon talk about a couple of other projects we want to get going on!!”



PS: I like our deck just as much as any of the ones you showed me prior to the project!!! 🙂

Dear Scott and Deanne,

“We used Clough Construction to replace the fence and gates of our home in 2008. They did fine quality work, finished the job in a timely manner as they had promised, and we are very happy with the end result.

The owners of the company and all their employees were very pleasant to work with. They were very professional, courteous, and customer service oriented. The company followed through with any issues that come up even if it was months after they had completed the project. The quality of their work was superb and we would without any hesitation use their services again.

We really enjoyed working with everyone at the Clough Construction and highly recommend their company.”

May and Marty

“I highly recommend Clough Construction for all decking and fencing needs. They are incredibly Professional and yet friendly. They are the best contractors I have worked with in all our years of contractor projects. Their crews are continuous, hard working and efficient. From the beginning to the end of the project and beyond they are customer service oriented.”

The Flynn’s

Hi Deanne and Scott,

“Just wanted to thank you both for the work Clough performed on our deck. It was a pleasure working with you, and the work done by Bob and Raphael more than met our expectations.

We’d be glad to post our positive experience on and Angie’s List with your permission, and of course, feel free to use us as a reference.

Again, thanks for providing such a positive experience for us.”


Hi Scott,

“We are very happy with the deck! Thank you for your help and patience with the lay out snag in the beginning and working well with the existing conditions. Your suggestions that we raise the fence was right on and the deep run on the stairs is also nice. Your patience with the picket selection is also appreciated; we are pleased with the final choice and did not feel pressure to pick something that would have been more convenient for you. So thank you. Deanne, Rick and crew were also very easy and pleasant to work with.”



Hi Deanne,

It is a pleasure to write this recommendation for your company We couldn’t be happier with the deck you built. . From start to finish all your people did an outstanding job. Scott worked with us in making changes and never added costs for the extra work that was done. If we had a question he came over to see for himself what was needed.

I was especially impressed with you, Deanne. As soon as I told you how unhappy I was about losing my wisteria you found a nursery with a specialist in vines, someone we could go to for help in choosing our new vine, Several weeks after our job was completed, I called to see if you could recommend a sprinkler repair person. Even though you didn’t know anyone you took the trouble to find someone.

Your workmen also went above and beyond. Because the old deck was demolished our dogs couldn’t get out to the yard. The men said they would have enough of the deck done by the weekend. But when Friday came it wasn’t ready. They took the trouble to build a temporary connection between the house and yard so the dogs could walk across it in safety. When the deck was completed the men cleaned up everything. It all looked like new.

If you have anyone who would like to talk to a satisfied customer, send them to us, Both my husband and I couldn’t be more pleased.

Diane, August, 2012