Clough Construction is committed to sustainability. Being a part of the sustainability solution is a benefit that they and their clients can appreciate together. As a mother and hiker, Deanne Clough believes in mindful construction. Clough strives to be of service to the community and the planet.

Clough Construction was given the Sustainable North Bay Award for February by Congressman Jared Huffman. This award is given to one Green Certified business in Marin County per month. The committee interviews qualified companies and researches them to ensure they are using the best Green practices. Of 20-30 businesses that were looked at, Clough Construction was selected as the best.

They are a member of the Marin Builders Association’s Green Committee. They work with local contractors to promote green building practices and sustainability.

In 2011 Clough Construction received a Marin County Green Business Certification.  Clough optimized their business operations, and took cost effective measures by reinforcing what was working well. They met Green Business standards for conserving resources by preventing pollution and minimizing waste, and are now in compliance with applicable environmental regulations. They increased energy efficiency and wise water use, reduced toxins, maximized recycling, and increased economic, environmental, and employee well being.

As a Deck & Fencing Company, Clough embraces the concept of stewardship, the responsible management of resource use. Examples of sustainable biological systems are long-lived and healthy wetlands and forests. Their suppliers, along with them, have all taken a stand to reduce the impact their manufacturing processes and products have on the environment, to support the people in their organizations and to improve the quality of life in their local communities.

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