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The Artisans at Clough Construction

Clough believes that a company’s strength and standing is a reflection of the quality of their employees. We are proud of the immense experience that each of Clough’s foreman have earned. Clough is a closely knit group of professionals who believe that working in collaboration is a true gift.

With great temperament, all of Clough’s foremen custom build each unique job on site. With decades of experience, it is not overstating that they have evolved from carpenters to purposeful artisans. They in turn mentor our staff in a positive and dynamic manner which results in an engaged and respectful job site.

From the beginning, Marc Clough (Scott’s brother) has been the master carpenter of Clough Construction. He is possibly one of the most skilled deck builders in Marin County. Marc and Scott have the intertwined resourcefulness and ability to problem solve, resulting in a fabulously strong team.

Scott Clough designs and specs each project with the input of his clients. With clear and concise communication between clients, Clough’s foreman and Scott, the foreman is turned loose to create the envisioned project.

Clough intentionally melds nature and home in each design undertaken. The home is a canvas, the fence or deck is the frame to a lovely environment. Continuity to existing architecture is our ultimate goal; enhancing, elevating and emphasizing beauty is our passion.