Marin Deck Contractor

A new deck built by Clough Construction can be an incredible addition to your Marin County home. Decks are a great way to maximize the outdoor living space of your home and give your family a place to grow and play. Clough Construction specializes in building strong, functional and beautiful decks. A new deck will look great, last for years and add value to your Marin County home.

Decks built by Clough incorporate the following elements:

  • Strong foundations
  • Comfort
  • Functionality
  • Are great for outdoor living
  • A streamlined permit process
  • Use the best products
  • Continuity

Strong Foundation

A great deck begins with a strong foundation. That’s why Clough always uses piers and footings that are much deeper than those of their competitors. The methods Clough uses to attach their decks to homes are also much more thorough than the competition. This is the way Clough has always worked. Their process 20 years ago is what is required by code now.


Clough Construction uses the best decking materials and railing packages to make their decks the most comfortable in Marin County. Using good materials makes their decks attractive and comfortable to walk on. Using the right railings provides style and safety.


Clough Construction builds decks with their clients’ needs in mind. Scott Clough will come to your home and talk with you to determine what you want out of your deck, what you will use it for, and get a feel for what your house is like. He’ll determine what would work best in a space in terms of size, shape and style. Doing customization based on the function of the deck is really what sets Clough apart from the competition.

Some deck companies build flat, bland, boring decks. Others are known for building decks with high design. Clough likes to think that their deck design is the perfect bridge between high style and the purely functional, and they can always adjust more in one way or the other based on the client’s needs.

Outdoor Living

Decks create outdoor living spaces. They can be thought of as outdoor rooms. A deck can be a floating backyard for a hillside home with limited space. Decks are the perfect bridge between nature and your home. Clough's desire is to build decks that are outdoor home entertainment centers. Places where you can play with your children, enjoy great views, drink your morning coffee, or entertain guests.

Permit Process

Through their years of experience the owners of Clough Construction have learned a lot about the permit process. They have created a streamlined, cost effective method of maneuvering the permit process for their deck construction projects.


Making sure that a client is able to pick the product that is best for their deck is a big part of Clough's work. They never want a client to say, “I wish I had known about that.” Because they’ve been in business for over 26 years, they have an immense amount of experience with all of the different products used for decking. Clough has been able to go to jobs that they did 10 years ago and see how products have held up over time. Clough can then match a product to its environment based on how it will look years down the line.


Continuity is very important in Clough Construction's deck design. They want their decks to flow with the existing design and look like they were a part of the original house. Clough designs their decks to meld into nature and the home and honor the client’s lifestyle.

Hire Clough Construction

Clough Construction has been building decks in Marin County for over 26 years. Let them bring their many years of experience to your deck project. Clough would like to help you create the deck of your dreams; a deck that will beautify your home, increase its value and expand your living space.

Call Clough Construction today at (415) 444-5554 or contact us here.