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About Us

Scott Clough

As a young man, Scott entered his occupation by building boats for his father’s business. This job included building furniture in the family cabinet shop. During this period, Scott rebuilt an Islander Yacht from a scrapped deck and hull. Working with manufactures drawings required precision and refined attention to detail. Scott relocated to Marin County and shifted his focus to building decks. From the skills gained in the boating and cabinet industry, Scott created his own niche. After gaining valuable experience and knowledge, Scott obtained his contractor’s license and began working for himself. (His contractor’s license number 516987 signifies his 31 plus years as a Licensed Contractor). In the 1990’s, Clough Construction began to hone their skills and specialize in outdoor wood construction, focusing primarily on decks and fences. Scott’s priority was to provide stylish, cost effective fences and decks with structural integrity, master craftsmanship and state of the art sustainable materials. As a professional in the construction industry, Scott has focused his fascination for design and function on excelling in structural innovation. Scott’s capability of creating reliable solutions to difficult problems, from trouble shooting to treacherous terrain, transforming them into fine construction projects is his strength. Over time, it became essential to have intimate knowledge of both construction and permitting requirements, and subsequently Scott implemented in-house support to facilitate the permit process for clients and their projects. Scott’s mechanical abilities and resourcefulness are a compliment to his racing hobby. Building and racing Spec E30 cars in the Northern California circuit allows him to channel his two passions -designing and building. Scott and his son Kenny Clough are respected members of the Spec E30 world as they work in collaboration building and repairing cars as a family hobby.

Deanne Clough

Deanne has always loved Marin County and has been intrigued by nature since she was very young. She began working with Scott and they established Clough Construction in 1987. It was a perfect fit for her since bridging nature and home has been one of her lifelong passions. Building decks and having a showroom to meet personally with clients has been one of Deanne’s realized dreams. Deanne was instrumental in moving the direction of the business into the world of sustainability by becoming a Certified Green Business and committing to supporting Responsible Forestry Practices. Adopting green business practices allowed the Clough’s to be in alignment with their personal values. Deanne’s commitment to community has strengthened as her four children have grown to be kind and successful adults. Deanne has directed her passion for education and for responsible forestry practices to high school students, working closely with high school Interns from Marin School of Environmental Leadership and Global Student Embassy. Deanne acts as an ambassador for lumber and paper purchasing, working to change paper purchasing protocol in schools, at the district level and beyond. Clough Construction has a commitment to supporting schools (locally and globally) and generously contributes through donation of seeds, reclaimed materials, time and financial support. Come in and meet Deanne and she will gladly share with you her knowledge of how you can contribute positively to saving our forests. One of Deanne’s favorite statements, “We can have our cake and eat it too” translates to the fact that we can harvest and source local lumber, paper and replant to strengthen our biodiverse forests.