Composite Decks

Marin County Composite Deck Contractor

Clough Construction has been installing composite decking for over 18 years. They are consciousness of their impact on the environment through materials purchasing. This began with Lani Clough asking her dad Scott Clough if he was concerned about the redwood trees that his industry was harvesting. This prompted Scott to investigate and ultimately start offering and installing composite decking as an alternative option to wood decks.


Clough Construction installed their first Trex deck in Marin County at their residence as a product research project. During this time they discovered the benefits and draw backs of composite decking. The Clough's then proceeded to install many brands of composite decking around their property in San Rafael, creating the first outdoor showroom of composite decking in Marin County.


The original composite decks were half wood and half plastic made of reclaimed plastic and wood pulp.

A few characteristics of this new product are:

  • Low maintenance
  • No staining
  • Rot resistant

The product has evolved into many different species such as wood polymers, PVC plastics, and many other variations.


Clough actively started selling this product and became one of the primary installers of composite materials in the United States running 5 decking crews. During this time their product knowledge and experience expanded to encompass many different composites on the market.


10 years ago Clough Construction formed an alliance with Timbertech decking due to their superior product, high quality control, numerous options for the consumer, and size and support of the manufacturing plant. They have had their core values and customer service in alignment with Timbertech for over a decade creating a very strong relationship. (See for additional educational information).

Industry Growth

Composite decking has evolved to a large industry with over 87 composites on the market. Having installed hundreds of decks made of this material has earned Clough Construction a leadership role in this industry. Endorsing products with state of the art manufacturing techniques has been their honor and privilege. Continuing to only install top quality materials is a commitment that has kept their clients happy with gorgeous projects.

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