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Deer Fences

Marin County Deer Fence Contractor

It’s no secret that Marin has a growing deer population. With Clough Construction’s custom deer fence solutions, you’ll protect your property and garden from deer and other animals as well.
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Deer Fence Considerations:

  • Our beautiful county has an abundance of wildlife and a deer fence can keep out deer, coyotes and other large animals that may see your garden as a nice place for a meal.
  • Animals will jump or try to crawl under your fence. They can be quite persistent so having a fence constructed with quality materials and expert craftsmanship can help to ensure that the barrier does its intended job. A deer fence is tightly fastened at the top and bottom of the wire mesh to ensure a nice taught boundary.
  • Fence height is also an important consideration. We can help you determine the right fence height to meet your objectives while creating an aesthetic that appears as natural and balanced as possible.  Our fence teams have an eye for design and a balanced approach to creating solutions, ensuring your new barrier is expertly crafted and aesthetically pleasing.

With Clough Construction’s quality deer fence solutions, you’ll have a sturdy and well-crafted barrier to protect your landscaping from wildlife.  Whatever your fencing needs may be, from repair, replacement or new construction, call Clough Construction for a quality opinion and no obligation estimate.


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