Infilled Fences

Marin County Infilled Fence Contractor

Infilled fences are fences that are built between fence posts. While a standard fence or a flat panel fence has all of the material nailed to one side, an infilled fence is a more aesthetically pleasing “good neighbor” fence where the capped posts can be seen from both sides. The fencing is then built between the posts with a 2x4 rail on the edge that doesn’t cover the post. This makes it look virtually the same from both sides. Infilled fences are generally done to give a look of more depth and definition. The style may also be done if the neighbors are sharing the cost of the fence.

Pinned with Center

A pinned with center fence which uses 1x1s for the framing with fence boards attached to these and then topped with another 1x1. A pinned with center fence is a way to make a fence look exactly the same from both sides but is not as strong as other styles. It is a strictly aesthetic choice.

Communicate With Your Neighbor

Clough Construction tries to encourage our clients to share the cost of the fence with their neighbors so that both homes can receive a fencing solution that they can appreciate. Whether or not your neighbor is in a position to share the cost of a new fence, it’s important that you let your neighbor know that you’re talking to a fence contractor. Whether or not you and your neighbor are friends, you do have to live next to them and good communication makes for good neighbors.

Hire Clough Construction

Clough has been building infilled fences in Marin County for over 26 years. They bring their experience to every new project that they start. Scott Clough will come to your home and help you create a cost effective infilled fence solution that meets your needs and your budget.

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