Stepped Fences

Marin County Stepped Fence Contractor

A stepped fence is usually done on a slight incline or a slight slope over a long distance. A fence is stepped in order to keep the top of the fence level. The stepped fence is usually constructed for aesthetics in areas that can have only a slight slope, and Clough Construction will usually build a hillside fence if the functionality of a stepped fence is low. Clough tries to keep the height of the fence consistent and uses stepped fences when there will not be more than an 18 inch change in height from one end to the other.

Clough's Process

A good example of a situation where Clough Construction might use a stepped fence is a 50 foot long fence with a difference of height of about 4 feet in that fence. Clough builds stepped fences that generally don’t step down more than 6-8 inches per step, because with a steeper hillside the steps would be more pronounced and can grow up to 2 feet in height. In this case a regular hillside fence would work better. It is imperative that the purpose of the fence be taken into consideration at time of installation. Steep hillsides and property between neighbors at different heights can cause design challenges. Clough thoroughly investigates each property and then works with you to create the best solution.

Hire Clough Construction

Clough has been building stepped fences in Marin County for over 26 years. They take that experience to every new project that they start. Scott Clough can come to your home and work with you to create a cost effective fencing solution that fits your needs and your budget.

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