Storm Damage

Marin County Storm Damage Fence Contractor

Marin County can periodically have severe winter storms. High wind can blow fences down. It is imperative to pour solid foundations on fencing to avoid this problem. Clough prides themselves on installing fences that will not blow over.

Clough builds strong fences in Marin by using

  • Hand dug footings
  • Wet setting concrete
  • Wide, deep footings              
  • Analyzing terrain
  • Well designed foundations

Hand digging footings and wet setting concrete are two techniques that set Clough apart from many companies. Wide deep footings are the key to a strong fence that can withstand Marin County’s stormy weather. This is done by analyzing the terrain and making sure the foundation is well designed for the geography.

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Clough has been building strong, gorgeous fences in Marin County for over 26 years. Their commitment to quality construction is the reason why client’s and neighbors continue to endorse their work.

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