Wood Fences

Marin County Wood Fence Contractor

Gorgeous wood fences are one of the biggest visual improvements you can make to your home. Using top quality materials and stellar construction methods creates a fence that will act as a frame to your beautiful home. Clough Construction fences are easily recognized by their attention to design and detail. Scott Clough has mastered the art of building a stunning fence.


When designing your wood fence Clough Construction considers:

  • Architecture of your home
  • Existing fences
  • Fences in your neighborhood
  • Purpose of the fence

All these considerations are taken into account when they design your project. Creating a fence that has continuity with your home is their guarantee. It is a given that their fence will enhance the beauty of your home and neighborhood.


You will get to meet personally with owner Scott Clough at your estimate. Designing unique, exquisite fences is Clough's honor. It is easy to see why they have won Pacific Sun Best Deck and Fence Contractor for 2011, 2012 and 2013. They've also been Diamond Certified for 11 years. Hiring a company who has been in Marin County for over 26 years and is a resident is important to keep our community strong.


The people at Clough Construction love the earth and redwood trees. This passion has evoked an incredible change in their business. they have made a pact to install FSC (Forest Steward Council - sustainable harvested) fencing whenever possible. They negotiated with their material supplier to buy bulk product in order to not raise costs. You the client benefit in a huge way! You can purchase a gorgeous, cost effective fence that honors the Earth. Please check out the recent informative article in Marin Home Magazine under innovators and icons – Click here to read the full article.

Hire Clough Construction

It is easy to see why hiring Clough to build your fence creates a perfect relationship to your home, your fence project, our community and the Earth. Hiring a certified Green Business helps our community as well. Being recognized by Jared Huffman as the Sustainable Business of February 2012 is a tremendous honor for Clough Construction.

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