Wooden Arbors

Marin County Wooden Arbor Contractor

Clough Construction builds all arbors for their clients out of wood materials. Clough builds from wood because they believe this is the best material for arbors. Arbors are generally built from redwood and sometimes cedar. Arbors are shade structures that are usually built in sunny areas. Arbors can also serve the purpose of being a structure for vines to grow on. Most of the arbors that Clough builds are shade structures.

Clough can build:

  • Trellis
  • Pergolas
  • Front Entry Arbors

Enhance Your Yard

Wooden arbors built by Clough can have a stunning visual impact on your property. These structures are expertly crafted under master carpenters Scott and Marc Clough. Turn your yard into something that you can truly appreciate and enjoy.

Hire Clough Construction

Call Clough Construction today or come to their outdoor showroom. Clough has been building wooden arbors in Marin County for over 26 years. Scott Clough will work with you to create a wooden arbor solution for your home that looks great and is within your budget.

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