Cantilevered Decks

Marin County Cantilevered Deck Contractor

Cantilevered Decks were a common type of construction on second and third story homes in Marin from the 1960’s through 1990’s. This type of deck had the original framing and structural support tying back into the home. The purpose of this was to not have framing extruding down to block views from doors and windows below the deck. This type of construction can cause problems when the deck gets older and the framing starts to rot. This rot can spread quickly. It will move into the structure of the home if not treated properly causing major issues.

Clough’s Experience

Clough Construction has been repairing and replacing Cantilevered decks in Marin County for decades. With Scott’s structural expertise re-designing the existing deck with a glue lam beam is a way to keep a clean design and detach the deck framing from the home. There is also the possibility of installing a post and beams into the existing deck. This method of repair is less costly and does change the look of the substructure below the deck. Each method is an excellent way to protect your home and still enjoy marvelous views from a spectacular deck.

Cost Effective Deck Solutions

When replacing the deck, a design change utilizing drilled footings and glue lam beams is common.

It’s imperative to hire a deck contractor who understands the logistics of:

  • The building permit process
  • Engineers
  • Costs

Clough has created a cost effective way to design and create architecturally engineered drawings that save the customers thousand to tens of thousands of dollars. Managing this process on behalf of the customers is one of their strengths. Visiting past job sites to talk with customers about their experience is recommended.

Hire Clough Construction

Having a beautiful second story deck is an asset to your home and life style. Hiring Clough will guarantee that you will save money and own a safe, stunning deck.

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