Hillside Decks

Marin County Hillside Deck Contractor

Renew your Marin County home with a stunning hillside deck built by Clough Construction. A hillside deck serves the function of a backyard for many homes in Marin. Clough designs their hillside decks with functionality in mind and builds them to fit your needs. The majority of decks (95%) that they build in Marin County are hillside decks. Most of the hillside decks that Clough builds are 10-20 feet high. Clough specializes in building hillside decks. Decks are the best fit for Marin County homes on hillsides.

Deck Replacement

Replacing decks with dry rot is a big part of the work that they do. Through the 1980s, many hillside decks in Marin County were built without pressure treated piers since it wasn't required. Decks would be cantilevered with floor joists coming from the outside of the house. For this reason decks would only be 6 feet out since you could only cantilever so far. Piers weren't put down because the builders didn't want to pour the extra piers with the house foundation. So instead they used the normal floor joists that were untreated. The joists would then begin to rot and fall off. In this situation Clough Construction would come in and cut the joists off and then bolt a ledger to the side of the house, flash it and pour piers with posts and a beam up. If you have an old cantilevered deck that needs replacement, hire us and we will get the job done right.


Scott Clough has an amazing ability to engineer hillside decks. He designs in the same way that an engineer would. In addition Clough works with an incredibly talented engineer that calculates all of their hillside decks. They have created a streamlined permit process that meets all codes and results in decks that are very strong. When you walk on a Clough hillside deck you feel like you’re walking on a solid surface. Hillside decks that are 4 stories tall will be firm and durable. Scott Clough works with a draughts person and an engineer who knows his process and they all work together to efficiently create a hillside deck plan that saves Clough's clients a great deal of money.

Hire Clough Construction

Clough has been cost effectively designing and building hillside decks in Marin County for over 26 years. They bring that knowledge and experience to every new hillside deck project that they start. Let them work with you to create the hillside deck of your dreams that expands your property and gives your family a new place to grow.

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